Why do students opt for customized essay services

There are sites such as myessayservices which are thriving. The main reason is that they offer essay writing services for students of all levels. They cater to high school students, college students, university students, students doing their masters and PhD students as well.

There are a number of reasons why students opt for these sites and they are :

  1. The students often work in order to manage their expenses and pay some or all of their tuition fees. The result is that they run out of time to complete the work assigned to them and especially if the work is like an essay or research paper where they need to do a lot of reading as well as investigating before writing the essay.
  2. The students are engaged in various extra curricular activities and thus at the end of the day they are either too exhausted to complete their work or are too drained out to be able to concentrate on completing their essays.
  3. Students procrastinate and feel they have enough and more time to complete the work assigned to them without realizing that there are other subjects which may require them to devote time to. There are some that may due to procrastination find that if they spend their hours in writing the essays will have no time to study for their exams.


  1. Students that want the best grade for their essay may decide that rather than them writing the essay, they would prefer having the essay written by a site which has experts who would write it for them, which would ensure that they get the top grade for their class.
  2. Students that are not sure about formatting and the style of writing, prefer using the site as that ensures that they are following instructions impeccably.