Ladies, these flavors are made exclusively for you!

It’s amazing to know that there are more than 400 types of e-juices which can be used to get a lovely feeling when you smoke e-cigaretter. While some of the flavors can be strong and pungent a few are extremely mild yet does not deceive you from giving a lovely experience of smoking.

Ladies are mostly sensitive by nature and they would also love to try something which does not have a high impact on their body and other internal organs when they smoke. But there is again an exception, not all women belong to this group. There are a few who can take much stronger flavors than men when they are trying the Roskilde e-juice.

However, we have gone ahead and listed a few juices which can make them feel good when they are taking a drag of the e-vape.

  1. Mild yet delicious


The peppermint e-juices have been one of the most favorite e-juices amongst the ladies because of the kind of chill it sends down your throat as you inhale it. Staying cool is the choice of almost all women and there is no exception even when they are smoking an e-væske too. Hence, this is one of the most popular juices which women must try.

  1. Get a feel of the candies being crushed

Would you not feel good when you have a feel of different kinds of candies bursting inside your mouth all at once? Well, this is again yet another flavor which a lot of women fancy to use when they are using the e-cigarettes.

  1. Wake up with a feel of coffee

Coffee flavor would never leave anyone disappointed and especially ladies, they would love to wake up with a dose of coffee in their bed and this e-juice is made for all coffee lovers.