Common problems related to computer

Suppose you are working on your laptop or computer and suddenly an error message pop on the screen for your computer or is not working optimally. This is the first indication that your computer needs some repairing. So here in this article, some of the problems are discussed along with solutions. If these remedies do not work, then you will have to visit the service center like Repair Sharks.

 Repair Sharks

  • Application: Due to several reasons the computer software will run like a turtle. This problem arises due to the operating system or if the system is missing any sort of updates or if the computer is not having enough space in the hard drive. You can easily optimize it by cleaning the spaces.


  • Abnormal behaviour: There are several applications which might work optimally on your computer, but in the next second it will start to behave abnormally. There are several applications like Word where it may happen that you are unable to see the margin, whereas when you are printing it you can easily view it. You can either fix it by restarting the device or you will have to opt for the computer repairing services.


  • Blue screen: When your screen is turning blue with white letters in it, then it might be a new problem on your device. You can fix it by rebooting it for you will have to visit the because it can happen for several reasons like failing hardware, corrupt files of DLL, damaged software or problem with the drivers


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