Charleston Games – Your Chance to Explore the Gaming World Live

Have you heard of escape room games? These are live games; gamers are playing nowadays. These games are simulators, which give real world feel to the players. The players become the characters from the game itself.

Different Goals for different players

There are multiple rooms in these games. Each level and game has different challenges. Secrets are waiting to be discovered in every nook and corner. These games are played with teams of minimum 4.

New to escape games – we are here to help you

You will get an hour to complete the game. The games might be very challenging for new gamers. However, staff at escape game Charleston SC is always eager to assist their customers. The games are spread across numerous rooms.

There are new themes and scenarios for the gamers. It is not a haunted house, so ghostly characters’ wont’ be jumping at you from nowhere.

There is an age limit

Children less than 8 years of age are not allowed entry without supervision. However, family bookings are open for all ages.

Do you want to know the details before booking?

You can enquire through calls, mails and by filling up the enquiry form on their site. You just have to fill in your name, email id, phone, subject and message and you are aboard escape games Charleston sc.

Games people play at escape room

The various kinds of games are The Cannibal Collector, Taking back Charleston and The Collector. There are different slots and timings. So, advance bookings are recommended.

Taking Back Charleston – A revolutionary game

You can travel back in time with this game. The era shows Charleston under British capture. The game starts with patriots of Charleston trying to get back their town from the hands of the enemy.

This can be the best ever experience with live gaming on escape room game Charleston SC for you. Just go for it.